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Building your own aircraft is a challenge. You need the support of your family and friends to see it through.

I am lucky to have this support which I hope will allow me to complete my Mustang in December 2008.

This Titan kit is great value for money, flies well and is economic to run. Best of all it turns heads. I am fitting the V6 Suzuki engine which sounds great as well as providing good performance.

Mike Crene has realised his dream with the first V6 powered T51 in New Zealand. This is his plane featured to the left. Judge for yourself.

For me the greatest pleasure is the great people I am meeting who share my dream to build and fly their own warbird. It is hard to express my excitement as we progress towards a New Zealand Squadron of over 20 T51 Mustangs. We can look forward to some great flyins.

I made several early decisions on changes that I think will enhance my aircraft. They are:

1. All Countersink rivets on external surfaces

2. Butt joint all outer skins

3. Fit gear doors to resemble the original Mustang

4. Fit Alloy tanks with top feed so I can dip check levels

This has meant many hours of design work on both structure and hydraulic system (60 hrs). I hope you think it is worth while.

Sharing our ideas will ensure a better fleet for us all to enjoy

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Once the kit was unpacked and inventory checked, I designed and built supporting jigs for the fuselage and wings.

I assembled the fuselage frame cleaned and painted it then mounted it to the support frames.

I then mounted the wing center section to the wing support frame

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I first fitted and glued with silicon all of the tophats to the steel tube frame, then fitted all of the bulkheads and completed assy of the cockpit interior. The tail and elevators were next.

All control surfaces were striped, dimpled and reassembled with countersunk rivets.

Titan T51 Mustang 83# Development